HISTORY OF Able Charities

ABLE’s mission is to improve the quality of life for people living in villages in general with a specific focus on assisting orphans, widows and their children, by offering medical services, education, and vocational activities
Name of the Organization: ABLE Charities (ASSOCIATION FOR BLINDNESS & LEPROSY ERADICATION) Estd. 1993

ABLE is a non-profit organization which takes action for the most vulnerable sections of the society – children, esp. Orphans, women esp. widows below the poverty line and families suffering from the disabling miseries of poverty and societal ills. Enabling them through health & education, to live with human dignity in a sustainable manner. We work towards a world where every human being lives with dignity in a world full of enabling opportunities without any discrimination as to religion, caste, creed or color.

We work shoulder to shoulder with other Civil Society Organizations in the world to contribute to the achievement of Millennium Development Goals and United Nation’s conventions on the rights of the child. All our actions are guided by Transparency, Accountability, Commitment and Trust.

25 years of selfless serving the helpless with utmost trust.

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Area of Work: Medical & Education
ABLE has a 100 bed charitable, multispecialty hospital.


  • General Surgery
  • Cardiology
  • Gynecology
  • Dental
  • Eye Care Center

The Hospital has served over 3 lakh patients since its inception. The Hospital carries out 700 major operations annually and on average treats 25,000 poor patients a year. Mothers and poor children who need major operation for cleft lips, congenital heart diseases, eye problems are being organized free by the hospital in partnership with other super-specialty hospitals and doctors and NGOs. Apart from the above medical services to all poor people, we are also providing medical cover to poor widows and their children on payment of Rs 250 per anum.

We support and provide medical services to 400 widows, 850 children & 120 orphans currently. ABLE has a Mobile Hospital, that serves the people in rural areas & slums of Faridabad & Palwal, Haryana. It’s a state of the art medical van with modern medical equipments.


  • Education
  • Gender Equity
  • Community mobilization and survey
  • Institutional care
  • Health- preventive health awareness programmes

ABLE is also supporting the education of nearly 1100 children of poor widows and poor orphans who live with their guardians at Palwal, Haryana. Through this program we bring to such children who are engaged in labor to school we prepare them for formal schooling and enroll them in schools and ensure them an opportunity of a life of human dignity and childhood. ABLE social awareness programs endeavors to take a preventive approach by spreading awareness.

ABLE have 6 non formal free education centers with over 600 children in the slums of Faridabad, Haryana.

We organise a ‘Marathon Run‘ every year in support of “SAVE THE GIRL CHILD” with reputed schools, colleges, corporate, govt. offices etc. We have successfully completed the program with over 6000 school children & other partners. The main motive of the event is awareness on “Female Infanticide“.

Miscellaneous Work

Free distribution of clothes to poor in the villages & slums of Faridabad & Palwal, Haryana.

Free lunch to the poor in the slums of Faridabad & villages of Palwal once in 2 months.

Free classes to the poor children of the slums of Faridabad by DPS, APJ, Manav Rachna’s good student.

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