What We do

ABLE’s mission is to improve the quality of life for people living in villages in general, with a specific focus on assisting orphans, widows and their children, by offering medical services, education, and vocational activities in an environment that is affordable,congenial and rural based.

Non formal Education Centers for the children in slums of Faridabad
2In January 2011, ABLE India took an initiative to start six non formal education centers in different slums of Faridabad with the objective “IF A CHILD CANNOT GO TO SCHOOL, LET THE SCHOOL GO TO THE CHILD”. At present, ABLE is educating 600 children in Faridabad. These centers provide need based educational services to the marginalized children in the following ways:

Non formal educational services for the young adults of any age to reduce the rate of drop outs from mainstream schools.

Admission of non school goers to the Govt. schools.

Try to improve the reading, writing and arithmetic skills of the children.
1Orphans and Widows’ Children’s Education Program, Palwal Through this program, ABLE Charities provides school fees, books and school uniforms based on specific needs of each child. Under this program, we regularly monitor the attendance of children in schools and motivate the (widowed) mothers and/or guardians to attend parent-teacher meetings regularly. This is an ongoing program and we intend on supporting 1000 children of widows and 300 orphans by April 2014.

ABLE has a 100 bed charitable, multispecialty hospital.

Departments: 1
General Surgery
Eye Care Center

The Hospital has served over 3 lakh patients since its inception. The Hospital carries out 700 major operations annually and on average treats 25,000 poor patients a year. Mothers and poor children who need major operation for cleft lips, congenital heart diseases, eye problems are being organized free by the hospital in partnership with other super-specialty hospitals and doctors and NGOs. Apart from the above medical services to all poor people, we are also providing medical cover to poor widows and their children on payment of Rs 250 per anum.

We support and provide medical services to 400 widows, 850 children & 120 orphans currently. ABLE has a Mobile Hospital, that serves the people in rural areas & slums of Faridabad & Palwal, Haryana. It’s a state of the art medical van with modern medical equipments.