What We do

ABLE YOUTH (2)Non-formal Educational at Slums of Faridabad

India has the highest number of illiterate people in the world. Over 95 million people live in the slums of some of the largest cities in India.

ABLE Charities is based out of Faridabad, Haryana. As per the most recent census available (2011) Faridabad has a population of over 1.4 million and it is estimated that over half a million people living in shanty towns or slums without access to filtered water, consistent electricity, formal schooling and so on. We are trying to do our part by opening schools in the shanty towns under our maxim “IF THE CHILDREN CANNOT GO TO SCHOOL, THE SCHOOL SHOULD GO TO THE CHILDREN”

Our aim is to open schools in areas accessible to the children within their slum communities and allow them to attend our classes whenever they are able to make time between their prior commitments such as working or caring for their siblings. We run these classes three times a day. Morning sessions run from 8 am-11 am, afternoon sessions run from 10:30 am-1:30 pm and evening sessions run from 3 pm-6 pm.

The goal behind these education centres is to provide the slum children with a basic education in mathematics, reading, writing and speaking both Hindi and English. The aim is to give these disadvantaged children skills that they can utilize to allow them to progress in their future and move on to finding proper employment.

The children in our classes are provided notebooks, pencils, slates and chalk at no cost. As we monitor their progress in each class, we offer children that regularly attend and demonstrate dedication towards their education sponsorships to attend proper schools. Currently, over 1200 children attend our classes and we have sponsored over 220 children since April 2014. We have an appointed teacher to look over the sponsored children’s work and we ensure that their parents attend meetings with their teachers to further their progress. We put a great deal of faith and trust into these children and hope to aid them in continuing their education.

Along with providing the slum children education, we emphasize ethical and moral lessons, stress the importance and benefits of embracing computer education in our technologically driven society as well as basic hygiene especially hand washing. All these efforts result in better overall mental and physical health.

Financing these children’s education costs approximately $40 per year. To help with our mission, please consider donating!

Gulak Project– Coming Soon


Free Cataract Surgery Program

Currently this program is one of our great importance is to do 2000 free cataract operation for the rural people of our district i.e. Palwal, Haryana. You must be aware that India has approx 3.5 million blind people (acc. to some online sources) and large numbers of them are blind for lack of basic cataract operation. In our district (Faridabad) as per govt. information we have 10,500 cases pending in the villages. We, at ABLE do 25% of this number i.e. 2000 cataract operation a year. The cost of each operation is $25 (Rs.1500) approx.

Other General Medical programs:
ABLE has a 100 bed charitable, multispecialty hospital with the followings departments
General Surgery
Eye Care Center

The Hospital has served over 3 lakh patients since its inception. The Hospital carries out 700 major operations annually and on average treats 25,000 poor patients a year. Mothers and poor children who need major operation for cleft lips, congenital heart diseases, eye problems are being organized free by the hospital in partnership with other super-specialty hospitals and doctors and NGOs. Apart from the above medical services to all poor people, we are also providing medical cover to poor widows and their children on payment of Rs 250 per anum.

We support and provide medical services to 400 widows, 850 children & 120 orphans currently. ABLE has a Mobile Hospital that serves the people in rural areas & slums of Faridabad & Palwal, Haryana. It’s a state of the art medical van with modern medical equipments.